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  • 28.02.2020

    Eckert Cutting Technology GmbH achieves another great successes at international area.


    Korff Isolmatic is a Polish leader in the technical insulation industry. Our Opal Waterjet CNC cutting machine strongly supports Korff’s production process.


    Innovative solution ConnECKt 4.0 was honoured by President Andrzej Duda himself for brave company’s introduction to the group of enterprises that spread the idea of the state-of-the-art economics.


    Eckert’s portfolio was enriched with two innovative plasma sources Q1500 and Q3000 produced by Kjellberg.

  • 21.11.2019

    On the occasion of 60th anniversary of work on technologies Kjellberg company created new products line “Q-series”. It connects last decades know-how with latest solutions.


     Eckert product ConnECKt 4.0 was awarded with Lower Silesian Griffin.


    Forbes magazine decided to check condition of polish family businesses  and award the best every year.


    Eckert company was awarded by prestigious title: Vice Champion of Technique for our author’s project.

  • 16.10.2019

    Once again Eckert will present its offer during 14th edition of Blechexpo exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany from 05-08.11.2019.



    This-year edition of ITM Mach Tool exhibition in Poznań, Poland was very rich of awards for us.


    Thursday, 25.04.2019 was especial day for Eckert . There were two reasons for celebrating! On this occasion there came to Eckert headquarter guests delegations from the whole world: distributors, suppliers and VIP customers.


    From 23-26 of October 2018 there will take place the greatest world fairs in field of metalworking - EuroBlech.

  • 11.10.2018

    We are very glad to inform that Eckert company was honoured as one of the fastest developing family companies on Lower Silesia, Poland.


    Kostroj-Strojegradnja is slovenian company that´s specialization is machine building. These machines are used in many industry sectors, for example: leather, steel, paper and automotive. Latest CNC cutting machine at Kostroj machine park is Eckert ONYX 3D with working dimensions 2500 mm x 12 000 mm.


    In November 2017 next plasma-oxygen CNC cutting machine was implemented by foreign recipient. This time the customer is an international company from shipyard sector VARD


    Concept of Industry 4.0 is already more and more deeply rooted in polish mentality. Not far ago, this watchword meant something mysterious or confusing. But now it becomes form of real and specific solutions which make great revolution in many factories in the whole world.

  • 01.06.2018

    In days 15-18 May 2018 Eckert company first time hosted on the biggest scandinavian industrial exhibition -  Elmia Welding and Joining Technology in swedish Jönköping. We were there as part of strengthening cooperation with our swedish distributor - SPT Plasmateknik AB.


    It is real pleasure to inform that soon - 05-08 June 2018 there will be next edition of the most important polish metal tooling fairs ITM Mach Tool, Poznan.


    Actually we invite you to visit the most popular romanian metal tooling fairs - Metal Show in Bucharest. This is an event that every year collects over 100 exhibitors from several european countries. As the biggest exhibition in region it enjoys really great interest.


    In days 10-12 April 2018 there was organized next edition of STOM fairs in Kielce, Poland. Similarly as in years before, for Eckert it was the exhibition that opened spring fairs season.

  • 05.04.2018

    Kjellberg Finsterwalde Plasma und Maschinen GmbH is founded in 1922. Its seat is located in Finsterwalde, Germany and  one of the world leading producers of plasma sources . Kjellberg products are inherent parts of many Eckert CNC cutting machines.


    To the group of companies which recommend Eckert CNC cutting machines there joined the Gdynia shipyard Nauta Hull. Shipyard was founded in 1998 and is specialized in hall production and whole ships.


    Correct calibration of plasma cutting head VORTEX 3D FL is an activity that provides a lot of measurable benefits on scale of whole cutting process. In order to correct calibration the best solution is using of especially designed system for autocalibration. This system fastly and automatic match suitable axiality of mechanical deviation by errors compensation. It is used  for 5-axis driving system.


    There is freshly March and Eckert company already achieved great success. We are very proud to inform that we just sold the 1400th cutting machine! On this occasion we present just a position of the most important information about our cutting machines:

  • 18.01.2018

    MPK is company that especially associated with urban means of public communication. Every polish big city has its own MPK branch. But activity many of them is often wider than people transport.


    After some years from liquidation of Szczecin Shipyard, shipbuilding industry in Stettin begins to be reborn slowly. There is communicated a domestic repair program for the Polish old potency. Realization of this program destinations should generate the greatest shipbuilding potency in the Baltic area. In that segment it would be also one of the greatest companies in Europe.


    There just finished the newest edition of prestigious German fairs - Schweissen und Schneiden. This year it was  organised unusual in Dusseldorf. There came about 50 000 visitors.


    This autumn we invite you to visit Germany. There will be the greatest european exhibition for industry - Schweissen & Schneiden in Düsseldorf (25-29 September 2017). It is cyclic event, organized every 4 years in Essen. This year fair will unusually take place in Düsseldorf.

  • 24.08.2017

    The Vistal Group is the leading producer of bulky, specialistic steel constructions in Poland. It realizes many contracts for customers from Poland and abroad. One of the related companies is Vistal Pref from Czarna Białostocka. Its speciality is production of semi-finished steel products.


    We inform Eckert company can already offer the latest Hypertherm® plasma cutting system, XPR300.


    For the obtaining the most precise laser cut quality, you should use lightweight and intelligent cutting heads. This is the main reason why the Eckert company decided to use the Precitec’s solution - the ProCutter laser cutting head.


    In the Eckert company we are organizing The Open Days now. We do this event in cooperation with our dealers. Everybody who is interested in buying the machine can come and get complex knowledge about the Eckert offer, principles of machines operation and the production process.

  • 07.11.2016

    We are glad to inform 17th October 2016 there was final of XIII edition of Złote Gryfy - prizes that are awarded by the Western Chamber of Commerce. They are prestige honors for the best businessmen from the Lower Silesia.


    4-6 October 2016 there was the next edition of Toolex in Sosnowiec. The Eckert company had its own exhibition there. There was presented the newest plasma-oxygen cutting machine - Onyx which debuted this year in Poznań


    More than 1,000 exhibitors in 7 thematic showrooms. Several thousand guests and many innovative solutions. Gold medal for the plasma-oxygen cutting machine Onyx and large interest of Eckert's offer.


    We are pleased to invite you to join us at STOM Fair, which will take place for 9-11 March in Kielce (Poland).

  • 21.09.2015

    The 57th International Engineering Fair (MSV) which took place between 14-18 September 2015 in Brno gathered 1504 exhibitors from 32 countries. The Eckert company, as the one of very few exhibitors from Poland, has presented the new and innovative Sapphire Concept machine.


    We are pleased to invite you to join us at 57th International Engineering Fair, which will take place for 14-18.09.2015 r. in Brno (Czech Republic) (Pawilon B / Stand 003). 


    One of the innovations we are especially proud of is the plasma and oxy-fuel cutting machine Sapphire Concept with new bevel cutting head Vortex 3D, which allows precise sheet, pipe and steel section beveling and chamfering in a single cutting process. The cutting edge technology makes our cutting machine a universal tool able to work in three dimensions together with preparing welding phases (Y, V and K).


    ITM Polska - an international trade fair for innovations, technologies and machines is known as the largest fair of its kind in Poland. During this edition Eckert celebrated it's 25th anniversary and presented its new visual identification, several technical innovations and numerous attractions.

  • 11.03.2015

    The Fair's Competition Commission of Metal Processing, Tools and Machine Tools STOM-TOOL 2015 awarded Eckert company yet another distinction. We were appreciated for the state-of-the-art version of the cutting machine WaterJet COMBO with ProX3D head.

  • PWG.png

    The ConnECKt 4.0 software awarded by the President Andrzej Duda at the Polish Economy Show

  • gryf_-_nominacja.png

    The Lower Silesian Griffin award in category “Lower Silesian Product of the Year” for the ConnECKt 4.0 software

  • forbes.png

    Honorable mention in the Forbes monthly ranking in the family business forum 2019

  • not.png

    Eckert as Vice Champion of the Copper Basin Technique for the ConnECKt 4.0 system

  • itm.png

    The jury awarded the Eckert company a gold medal for the ConnECt 4.0 system

  • gryf-a.png

    The Lower Silesian Griffin award in category “Successful succession” 

  • zloty-medal-itm-2014.jpg

    Onyx was awarded the main prize of the fair

  • Gazela_Biznesu.png

    Business Gazelles has included the ECKERT brand into the group of the most dynamically developing companies

  • zloty-medal-itm-2014.jpg

    Diamond Fiber Laser with PCS was awarded the main prize of the fair

  • zloty-medal-itm-2e719a5797f2024429516d65e5d53fba1.jpg

    Diamond Fiber Laser with PCS was awarded the main prize of the fair

  • acantus.jpg

    Acanthus Aureus statuette is awarded to the stands best designed and prepared to implement the marketing strategy of the company

  • zloty-medal-itm-2e719a5797f2024429516d65e5d53fba1.jpg

    Diamond Fiber Laser with PCS was awarded the main prize of the fair

  • stom_kielce_logo.jpg

    Kielce, Poland
    Hall D, Stand 28

  • itm-2015-logo.jpg

    Poznań, Poland

  • euroblech_logo_2014.png

    Hanover, Germany
    27-30.10.2020 r.

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