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About us

Eckert company is a modern and innovative company, specializing in a production of CNC cutting machines. The company was founded in 1990. Headquarters are located in Legnica and has a branch in Rennerod, Germany.

Four manufacturing plants, warehouse and office building spreads over 25000 square meters area. Sophisticated infrastructure and appropriate organization of work allows to manufacture up to 30 cutting machines per month.

Innovation is our philosophy. Over 25 years in cutting machine industry, we created so many modern and unique solutions on a global scale.

As one of the few manufacturers in the world, we offer the all four cutting technologies which are custom designed to their needs. Our comprehensive product range, experience and high production capacity make us trust worth and reliable partner in the implementation of innovative solutions.

Nowadays Eckert means

  • top european cutting machines manufacturer in the all technologies
  • established brand since 1990 based on our great experience
  • over 1500 worldwide completed projects
  • numerous patented proprietary solutions
  • leader in research and development
  • 30 specialized engineers and CNC designers

  • 1989/1990

    Eckert company foundation

    Originally Eckert company had it´s headquarter in Siegen, Germany. Basic activity was the production of  CNC cutting machines . In that time there was decided that every model should be characterized by innovative technical solutions...until today...

  • 1990

    Premiere of RUBY EC cutting machine

    First model of Eckert brand was created for oxygen cutting with 4 oxygen torches. It started new chapter in CNC cutting technologies history because of it´s innovative crossbeam construction and revolutionary high performance CNC controller. From that time until 2018 all machines names were inspired by gems.

  • 1995

    Headquarter removing to Poland (Legnica)

    After some years of experience on German market, headquarter with whole production moved to Legnica, Poland. Economic transformation was very fertile ground for development of activities based on new technologies and for constant growth on the european market.

  • 2006

    Introduction of Vortex 3D cutting head

    Eckert belongs to the group of 3D plasma cutting pioneers. Construction of first 3D cutting head became an important milestone our history that ensured our place among european leaders of CNC cutting machine manufacturers. Vortex 3D cutting head is permanently under further development and represents the benchmark for high-end 3D plasma cutting until today.  

  • 2007/2008

    Building of new office and production halls

    Market success because of innovative and powerful products strictly according to customers needs allowed for intense development of company infrastructure. From this time customers delegations from whole world can be hosted in modern buildings and demo centre which emphasize company´s prestige.

  • 2009

    OPAL Waterjet Combo - World's fastest Waterjet!

    First on world patented machine for plasma and waterjet cutting.

    It is undoubtedly first world success in Eckert company history. Machine is still admired by visitors during every fair exhibition. Innovative symbiosis of two cutting  technologies allow to gain perfect cutting quality but also revolutionary effects on time and process costs.

  • 2010

    DIAMOND Fiber Laser - first fiber laser manufactured in Poland

    After promotion to first ligue of world producers of CNC cutting machines, Eckert didn’t slow down. Production of first fiber laser  cutting machine in Poland made company could show off position of only producer in Poland which offer CNC cutting machines in all technologies.

  • 2014

    Development of ESR system for tube and profile cutting

    Product introduction of a powerful tool that allows fast and precise cutting of tubes and profiles. Eckert as first European producer presented a solution that allows to cut tubes and profiles in combination with a classical sheet metal CNC cutting machine.

  • 2015

    Premiere of ONYX machine for plasma and oxygen cutting

    ONYX is technologically the most advanced CNC cutting machine in Eckert portfolio. It is equipped with the latest technical solutions, able to cut up to 300 mm material thickness and revolutionized the safety and ergonomy at work and consists many unique solutions which provide the highest level of reliability..

  • 2017

    Premiere of plasma-oxygen cutting machines: RUBY HD and RUBY ECO

    As a tribute to our company history and first RUBY EC model. It is a unique concept of robust and precise CNC cutting machines which can be upgraded and grow with customers needs in a cutting range of up to 100mm material thickness. Eckert company creates this way unique offer for small sized enterprises with potential of growth.

  • 2017

    Member of Industry Business Network 4.0

    Joining of exclusive organization is first step to announcing in Eckert company 4th industrial revolution. Membershipment in interesting projects and presentation of Industry 4.0 solutions especially for small and middle sized companies are basic destinations of this union. It unites the most innovative companies which are ready to come into new, digitized reality.

  • 2018

    Machine production according to Industry 4.0 Ready conception

    Eckert company announces that from now almost ALL machines models in its portfolio are ready to work according to Industry 4.0 Ready conception. During industrial fairs EuroBLECH 2018 there were presented the latest solutions in this field as live demonstration on a central dashboard which is called Eckert connECKt4.0. It allows  full control of the machine status and resources from every place on world.

  • 2018

    The premiere of CHROME

    CHROME - the latest plasma-oxygen CNC cutting machine by Eckert for a cutting range of up to 150mm thickness.  The innovative machine geometry allow extremely high dynamics which is able to achieve “laser-like” cut quality also at complicated contours..