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Track crossovers cut on Sapphire cutting machine


MPK is company that especially associated with urban means of public communication. Every polish big city has its own MPK branch. But activity many of them is often wider than people transport. MPK Lodz as one of few has Track and Network Plant. It is place where are producing for example switches, tram crossovers and arc intersections. Production of these elements requires infrastructure and exact tools. We are proud that one of machines that has influence for efficient functioning of public communication in Lodz is Sapphire. It is plasma-oxygen cutting machine produced by Eckert.

Cutting machine Sapphire from MPK in Lodz is equipped with:

  • 2000 mm gantry extension,
  • automatic gas console with proportional electrovalves,
  • oxygen torch support with capacitive distance sensor and with Harris oxygen torch and automatic igniter,
  • support of plasma torch HD3000 with distance regulation by measuring of plasma arc intensity; accuracy of adjusting of distance to plate is 0,1 mm,
  • plasma aggregate HPR260 XD with automatic console,
  • suction table 2000 x 6000 mm,
  • filter ventilation PFC 4, 7,5 kW,
  • suction installation 10 mb elements,
  • software Eckert CAD/CAM.

We invite to see short video. There is presented cutting machine Sapphire during tram communication infrastructure production.


  • Kielce, Poland

  • Poznań, Poland

  • Hanover, Germany
    27-30.10.2020 r.

  • The ConnECKt 4.0 software awarded by the President Andrzej Duda at the Polish Economy Show

  • The Lower Silesian Griffin award in category “Lower Silesian Product of the Year” for the ConnECKt 4.0 software

  • Honorable mention in the Forbes monthly ranking in the family business forum 2019

  • Eckert as Vice Champion of the Copper Basin Technique for the ConnECKt 4.0 system

  • The jury awarded the Eckert company a gold medal for the ConnECt 4.0 system

  • The Lower Silesian Griffin award in category “Successful succession” 

  • Onyx was awarded the main prize of the fair

  • Business Gazelles has included the ECKERT brand into the group of the most dynamically developing companies

  • Diamond Fiber Laser with PCS was awarded the main prize of the fair

  • Diamond Fiber Laser with PCS was awarded the main prize of the fair

  • Acanthus Aureus statuette is awarded to the stands best designed and prepared to implement the marketing strategy of the company

  • Diamond Fiber Laser with PCS was awarded the main prize of the fair