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Discover our wide offer of additional equipment and reach for outstanding potential of your machine

Due to the dynamic development of the market and technology and individual requirements of our customers, Eckert has expanded  its offer with a wide range of additional equipment. Depending on the needs and desired results, there is a possibility of boosting the cutting machine and extending its functionality. Additional package of extra tools has been designed to each kind of cutting machine, such as huge variety of cutting table and dust suction solutions, CAD/CAM softwares, equipment for sheet, tube and profile processing, safety at work equipment and industry 4.0 solutions.

Extending the possibilities of the cutting machine results in many advantages. First of all, it allows for flexible fitting of services to the rapidly changing conditions on the market. Complete process automation reduces additional costs and time of production processes. In other words, it enables to generate extra profits and increase the company’s profitability.

Modular construction used in some of our CNC cutting machines allows our customers to enrich its functionality in any time. It is very useful, especially after running a market research that points customers’ needs.

Vortex 3D FL head 

Plasma cutting method is one of the most popular technologies chosen by customers due to its many advantages. It is characterised by unique speed of action and possibility of processing a wide range of material thicknesses. Since it was discovered, plasma cutting method has been frequently changed and improved. Researches concerning development and improvement of cutting quality resulted in creating many variants of additional equipment that can boost this process.

Offer of additional equipment presented by Eckert company reaches hundreds of tools. The most important component applied in our cutting machines are plasma heads for 2D and 3D cutting, that allow for full utilization of plasma torches potential. Not only at sheet metal processing, also at tube and profile cutting. We provide all essential equipment, starting from special tube & profile CAD/CAM preparation software modules, also the essential hardware for loading and positioning are integrated part of our offer in combination with sheet metal processing. For all possible machine configurations we provide the optimum cutting table solution for our customers and ensure the individual safety at work requirements.

Three-torch support for longitudinal chamfering with variable spacing and angle

Oxygen cutting technology is the most often used for cutting materials of higher thickness. Despite the narrow range of treated materials, we have developed many elements of additional equipment that boost operation and functionality of CNC cutting machines equipped with oxygen heads. Eckert offers hundreads of different tools for best configuration of  customers CNC cutting machines. First of all, special oxygen supports which are a reliable tools guaranteeing the highest possible cutting quality were designed. They are equipped with many useful functions that improve effects of their work. These include height sensing, automatic ignition system, the ability to set the cut angle and many more.

Also special cutting tables for heavy load and very high temperatures for multi-torch cut processes in combination with the optimum dust suction equipment, special CAD/CAM software and safety at work equipement are integrated part of our offer.

Support Pro-X 3D with tilting head - angle adjustment +- 60°
Waterjet technology dominated the world of CNC cutting machines in one moment. The most innovative solution is undoubtedly waterjet cutting head Pro-X 3D that guarantees efficient treatment with waterjet. It allows for achieving the best available cutting quality in 3D dimension due to 5-axis construction. Cutting at the angle of +/-60º and cone compensation are foundations for achieving flawless cutting precision and almost zero bevel of the edges!

Also multi-head cutting options for 2D and 3D processes a huge range of high pressure pumps and special CAD/CAM software for waterjet cutting in combination with safety at work equipment are integrated part of our offer.

Depending on the cut material our wide range of different water tables and table grates from different materials and structures, our customers achieve best possible cut quality at lowest risk of damages and potential material scratches.
Next to the essential connected waterjet cutting tools our additional equipment covers the whole circle from water and abrasive input till eco friendly filtration and recycling at the machine output.

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