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Construction of our cutting tables provides stable support for treated material and easy cleaning

Technologically advanced CNC cutting machines are made of few components that due to harmonious cooperation allows for achieving the best possible results of cutting process. One of the most important part is a robust cutting table, that is responsible for facilitating precise and shaped cutting of the material without vibrations. It is a key element, because if it is chosen properly, it provides robust support for cutting process by guaranteeing maximum stabilization for treated material.

Section of one-channeled table

As a conscious manufacturer, Eckert company offers a wide range of cutting tables that cooperates with all technologies. Being aware that our clients belong to diverse industrial areas and their needs differentiate, we offer tables in individually adjusted sizes that are adapted to cut elements of different sizes. Eckert cutting table portfolio allows completing orders for the most demanding user’s needs. It guarantees reliability and failure-free work as well.
Our offer includes:
  • oxygen cutting tables
  • 1, 2, 3, 4 – channels suction tables for oxygen and plasma cutting
  • water tables for plasma cutting
  • tanks for waterjet cutting

Thanks to available full technical documentation provided Eckert, we give your customers also the possibility to manufacture cutting tables by their own.

Oxygen cutting process consists of few phases that finally result in extracting the melt material. Firstly, metal has to be heated to the temperature of flash point. Then, it oxidises and is blew out with the use of oxygen under high pressure. This technology is perceived as very economical. Its biggest advantage is the ability of cutting materials in a wide range of thickness, under different angles. The maximum range of cutting reaches 300 mm thickness.

Oxygen suction table
Oxygen cutting table construction was specially designed, taking into consideration all elements that are inherent for this process. Basic parts include:
  • main grate frame
  • solid steel grates with customised distances
  • steel grates which can be easily removed by customers if needed
In response to the needs of our users, we offer tables in various sizes and versions. Our portfolio includes basic models and models equipped with suction channels for dust generated during the cutting process.

There is also possibility of additional equipment:
  • slag boxes - easy to remove and clean
  • side located suction channels inside the table structure.

Suction tables for oxygen and plasma cutting were designed to uneven plasma cutting performance and various thickness of sheet metals treated with oxygen cutting. Thanks to modular construction, suction power is steady at all required working areas. Eckert suction tables are statically independent components of CNC cutting machine which boosts the quality of running process. Lack of connection between table and machine’s construction cause no transmission of vibration and heat influence caused by the table. It guarantees longer lifespan of machine and best possible results of cutting process.

Suction table is made of few elements which are easy and quick to remove and allow fast and easy cleaning.

Taking into account both users’ health and care for environment, Eckert company equips its suction tables with specially designed intelligent dust removal system from the cutting area. Pollutions are transported via channels to the ventilation unit.
Another element that maximises suction efficiency is an intelligent control of extraction sections. Its work is based on switching on only the section where material is cut.

Eckert company has a wide portfolio of suction tables that are adjusted to the to the individual needs of customers. We offer a possibility of self-manufacture of Eckert cutting table as well.

Water tank for plasma cutting

In response to the dynamic technology development and growing needs of customers, Eckert company has added specially designed water tables for plasma and oxygen cutting cutting. It is a perfect solution both for small companies that are just starting the adventure with cutting and experienced users who are targeted to achieving the highest cutting precision with reliable and ergonomic tools. Use of water table in combination with plasma and oxygen cutting offers a lot advantages.

First of all, water tank is responsible for suppressing the energy of waterjet. It minimises noise and dust produced during the cutting process. Therefore a dust filtering unit is not required. It additionally guarantees comfort and safe user’s work. Use of dynamic water surface level allows to cut elements underwater which minimise the heat influence on the material which eliminates the need for additional final treatment.

Eckert company designed solid self-standing tables. It means that they are independent component of cutting machine which extend its lifespan and strengthens reliability. Vibrations produced during the machine’s work are not transferred to its construction. It allows for achieving the best possible cutting precision.

Technology of waterjet dominated the world of CNC cutting machines very fast. Its work is based on separating the material with purewater cutting or abrasive waterjet. The best advantage of abrasive waterjet cutting is undoubtedly versatility. It allows for cutting a wide range of materials, starting with fragile materials such as glass or ceramics, to end with different metal kinds without heat influence on the cut material structure.

Eckert CNC waterjet cutting machines are equipped with specially designed cutting tanks that are independent components. Self-standing construction guarantees lack of transmission of vibrations from the table to the gantry. It allows for maintain the highest cut quality. Tank is built of a easy to remove grate structure.

Another benefit is is the dynamic water level. It allows for underwater material treatment, which minimizes the noise and water splash generated during the cutting process.

Various additional optional slag removal systems  boost the work efficiency additionally, like scrapers suction systems, filters etc.

Opal Waterjet cutting machine equipped with water table

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