Ventilation systems


Combine business with useful: work in healthy environment, save the thermal energy with energy efficient solutions

Installation of a PFC filter fan in a production company

For the sake of health and safety of CNC cutting machine users, Eckert designed modern environmental friendly ventilation systems responsible for filtrating and reducing pollution. This manner of cleaning results in many advantages. First of all, it is a method allowing for increase of energy efficiency of facility because of summer/winter mode.  It results in huge savings of thermal energy. Eckert company offers two systems of filtration: ventilation and filtering units. According to the needs, customer can choose an option that is more suitable to individual and local requirements.

First proposition offered by Eckert is a system of innovative PFC Filtering units that have been designed according to the newest recommendations and meet all required European safety standards and norms.

Filtering unit PFC made by Eckert

PFC filtrating units are built of few coherent elements:
  • filter cartridges,
  • self-cleaning module,
  • dust boxes,
  • noise silencer,
  • summer/winter mode
Eckert company offers a wide range of devices adapted to work in small production halls and big industrial facilities.

A fan for extracting smoke and fumes generated during cutting processes
Ventilation is a system intended to effective reduction of all pollutions and fumes generated during the cutting process. It responsible for transporting smoke and fumes out from the suction table trough suction tubes. According to the customer requirements, ventilation system can be installed inside or outside the production hall. Eckert company offers models adjusted to operate in both small and huge working areas.

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